Sunday, November 16, 2008

Donate Indian clothes.

Hi Friends,
For many days i was thinking of writing about this organisation, and as usual i kept on postponing it.
Few months back i was searching for a place to donate all my Indian clothes, which are old , but rarely used. They were as good as new hence i wanted to donate them to people who are in need.
First i thought of carrying them to India when i go there, but there is risk in it. Its a additional luggage and i may not find time to disturbute them to needy. may endup giving to servants and their relatives. To avoid this i was looking for a really good organisation that can help the needy.
I found this website. you may be thinking, Its easy to recommed but do i have idea whether it worth it or not.
Before recommending I personally went there twice and gave my clothes there. If you check the website you will know they are trustworthy.
Even today iam planning to go.
so if you all are also having clothes, which you want to get rid for good purpose.
please join me.
this is the website and address of the organisation.


Blanket said...

Thanks for the update...great are doing a fabulous job indeed.


Komal Patel said...

Thanks so much for this. I was looking for a place to donate my Indian clothes.

Ria said...

I rather donate my clothes to India.Donations through your suggested link goes to Pakistan

kranthi said...

Humanity is far above Country, regions, caste, sex , religion. As a humanitarian act we are donating our used clothes to those in need. we need not see the country or race of people wearing it. We should think others as our fellow human beings not based on their country.

Reena said...

Thanks a lot! I am planning to go there this sat.

vineeta said...

can you suggest me the same so that i can help the needy this winter ,may i know any such organization which is in colbration with you in delhi.
i will be thankfull to you.

Jalpesh Chitalia said...

I was on the fence... i'd not mind donating to people in need, regardless of where they are in. but do we know they are certified for accepting donations? The reason why I ask is (and sorry for being paranoid), donation is one of the largest sources for money laundering.

Shefali Kalyani said...

Hello Everyone, My name is Shefali Kalyani and I have started We Care Charity. We send used Indian clothes to India. We plan to send 4 times a year. For furhter information please contact me at
Thank you!

Shefali & Vinay Kalyani

Shefali Kalyani said...

You can also donate your clothes to us in NH if you are on the East Coast. I have worked with Hidaya foundation and they are great folks. However, if you insist your clothes go to India feel free send them to us.

Warm Regards,
Shefali Kalyani

Kiran Nuthulapaty said...

Any in the Chicago land area? I would to donate here.

tariq khan said...

i live in new jersey how can i donate my clothes

shamsher khan said...

HI I read your article with interest because i have thought about it as well. Delhi culture is to dress up even if you go to a neighbourhood market. Bombay is alot more casual. Chennai is disastrous.While working in Chennai, we went to a pub in a 3 star hotel, called Bikers Club, i was shocked to find that everyone there was wearing shirt and dhotis.We had girls in pur group and did not spend a minute there. I pubs in Delhi allow everyone to come in wearing whatever they want to, can you imagine what will happen to the ambience?
Also in office, sometime back, the HR decided they will give more freedom to people to dress the way they feel comfortable. Yu cant imagine to the extent people took the liberty to. People were walking in wearing unpressed kurtas and jeans and chappals. It was affecting the attitude at work place as well. We are back to strick office formals 4 days a week and business casuals on Fridays.
Given the social immaturity in our society i think the rules we have make sense. For those who are more culturally aware, we pay a price.
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Madhavi said...

Great information!! However, looking similar information in Phoenix area.
Keep up the great work!!

Ms.B said...

I am so grateful to have found this site today. If any of you can donate some women's clothing to me it would be greatly appreciated. I live in Memphis Tennessee. There are no places like this one available. Contact me via. e-mail. Keep doing a wonderful job impacting many lives.😊

Kiran rana said...

Are you still accepting donations in nh?

Kiran rana said...

Are you still accepting donations in nh?

Ravi Paami Menon said...

I am looking for collecting clothes in houston. Is there any way i can send it somewhere.


manisha garg said...

I am in Redmond(WA). Is there any place where i can donate my indian clothes.

KB said...